Cruise Moab, brought to you by Rising Sun 4WD Club

Vehicle Requirements

In order to maximize everyone's safety and everyone's fun, Rising Sun requires all vehicles to go through a technical inspection to qualify for our trail runs. In general, we use the same guidelines as TLCA (printed below) with a few additional qualifications.


Before attending Cruise Moab...

Your vehicle should be in sound mechanical condition with no leaks or known problems. We recommend that your vehicle should have some miles on the odometer in its current build so you can work out the gremlins before you hit the trails around Moab.

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Safety Inspection Form

Licensing and Insurance

All drivers of vehicles on the trails need to have a valid drivers license. All vehicles need to have valid insurance to operate on public roads as required by state in which they are registered.

All vehicles are required to have a CB radio.


TLCA vehicle requirements

Vehicles registered for participation in a TLCA, or TLCA sanctioned, event are subject to a 'Vehicle Inspection'. And though TLCA makes no representation as to the impact of such an inspection upon 'safe' participation in an event, failure to pass such an inspection will disqualify the vehicle from participating in the event.

All determinations pertaining to the 'Vehicle Inspection' shall be at the sole judgment of the event committee, and/or its designates, responsible for such inspections. If a vehicle fails to pass an inspection, correction of any deficiencies may be attempted and the vehicle reinspected ... provided such correction and reinspection can be conducted without impact to event schedules.

Minimum Vehicle Requirements

The following are minimum vehicle requirements which, if not met, disqualify a vehicle from participating in an event:

Evaluated Items

The following are evaluated items which, depending on severity and/or quantity of deficiencies, may disqualify a vehicle from participating in an event:

Items to Consider

The following are recommended items which TLCA encourages you to consider:

Additional vehicle Qualifications for certain trails

The above guidelines are our minimum standards to run ANY trail during the Cruise Moab event. However, some of our trails require equipment and capabilities beyond what's listed above (bigger tires, locker(s), winch, etc). To determine what level of trails you might want to consider signing up for, visit our Trail Rating System page.


If you have a question about your vehicle or would like clarification concerning the information listed above, send an email to